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MARQUI is a Master Makeup Artist, elevating natural beauty to the level of extraordinary using makeup as a medium.  

With refined artistic talent and an accurate eye for beauty, she exhibits range and delivers clean, customized makeup looks with signature style.    

Following her ART…   

As the daughter of the internationally acclaimed, contemporary oil painting artist, Dy’Ans,   

MARQUI learned the fundamentals of Fine Art by shadowing her mother while she painted in her studio every day.  She was naturally infused with technique and developed her aesthetic eye at an early age. 

MARQUI is a graduate that earned her BA degree from SDSU where she majored in Communication and minored in Marketing.  After graduation, she pursued a career in administrative healthcare until she left the corporate world to start a family in 2002.  Then in 2005, she began her search to find a more fulfilling life career and set her focus mantra to, “Follow my Art”.  Within months of brainstorming and contemplation, the perfect storm arrived…she was ignited by her own passions and artistic strengths, inspired by the success and beauty of her mother's work which then combined with opportunity, she launched her brand, MARQUI ARTISTRY.  By the end of 2005, she was thriving as a freelance makeup artist specializing in Bridal Makeup.  She poured her heart and soul into this endeavor and quickly gained the trust of key wedding and event coordinators, photographers and referral clients.

She continues to grow both artistically and professionally in her pursuit of excellence and is a preferred vendor for several top destination wedding venues on Whidbey Island, Twisp in the Methow, the Greater Seattle area, San Diego and beyond!  

Whidbey Island Makeup Artist, Photo by Suzanne Rothmeyer, wedding venue, Dancing Fish Vineyard

Marqui, The Makeup Artist

Marqui, The Makeup Artist

Specializing in the Beauty of Asian Makeup

I have always had a fascination with the Orient and was fortunate to have had an opportunity to travel all over Asia.  I studied Japanese in college and worked with exchange student programs teaching English to Japanese students.  Coincidentally, my very first official wedding was working with a Chinese bride and her wedding party.  I embraced it wholly and I found I had a talent for enhancing the unique features of the Asian face.  From that moment, I decided that I would strive to become one of the best makeup artists for the Asian client!